30 November 2015



Photo credit: Jussi Hellsten

The dark and cold city of Helsinki, during December, will change completely into the lightest and warmest city in Europe. Christmas time in Finland has not only been a time for celebration but it is part of Finnish culture, where you can personally meet Mr. Santa Claus, heading a little more north from the capital.Already from November, the main streets of Alexander Street and North Esplanade will bright of all the Christmas lights and decorations. The main malls and streets to open this wonderful season, will offer free Glögi, a delicious warm winter drink.

At the end of Alexander Street in Senate Square, starting from 4th of December will be held the most important Christmas Market of Helsinki. Since last year has been renewed, giving it a fresher and young touch. The little wooden stand cottages have been painted in happy pastel colours and a delicious old Dutch carousel fascinated a lot of people.

More value has been given to the Finnish food culture with a smart dining garden (a new restaurant area), design products and handicraft made in Finland, where people can find a unique a personalized Christmas present. Even the opening times have been lengthened, especially during the weekend, so people can spend a relaxing dinner sitting on the beautiful background Cathedral steps.

`Our goal of renewal has been fully reached last year, to be in line with the other Christmas Market of Europe. This year we will focus on what the city have best to offer related on the people expectationssays the Christmas Market Marketing in charged the producer Eija Malin. The beloved carousel will be back and the Christmas Music will be broadcast by the Christmas radio. Furthermore during the weekend, the Christmas Market will host some D J.  

Now more than ever the street food becomes part of everyday life, that is why the food will play an important role in this Christmas Market. People can experience the restaurant Kolmon3n and Soil Wine Room, from the bohemian districts of Kallio and Punavuori, along with many other little food kiosks. After the Christmas Sauna held in the inner courtyard of the Bockin House, people could enjoy a glögi at the winter terrace.

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OPEN DAILY (Dec 4th – 22nd) 11am-8pm 


A little gem for you:  


It is a warm drink, that has different versions, alcohol-free or with a little mulled wine. The spices used are mainly star anise, cinnamon, raisins, orange rind, cardamom, ginger and almonds. Nowadays are popular the ready-made with black raspberry and blackcurrant juice. There are many legends and stories about the glögi. The first glögi recipe was found used in Rome 2,000 years ago. In Europe it has been consumed since 17th century in the countries near the Alps. The Finnish version came from Sweden. The glögi was loved especially by the mail men in the cold weather of the Nordic countries. In Finland became popular at the beginning of 20th century among the upper class.


4 dl water

1dl sugar

1-2 cinnamon sticks

10 whole cloves

1 teaspoon cardamom seeds

1 teaspoon ginger

1dl black currant juice

0,75 l red wine

raisins, almond

-Boil the water, sugar and spices for 10-15 min

-Filter the boiled water, add the black currant juice and wine, keep warming.

-Pour into the glasses, add raisins and almond.

-Serve hot.