Hotakainen´s novel is not only a biography, after a dangerous car crash who led Hotakainen to a long-term care at the hospital, he became even a spokesman to the Finnish Government´s happenings, who blame on the tax evaders as cause of its damage.

Hotakainen never reveals directly his disdain towards a new Finnish society, which develops in the wrong way, but if we grasp the relevance of the sarcasm and Finnish humor of this novel, we can understand the author´s viewpoint 

The story is a continue transition from one scene to the next, despite is a mirror of his life under the character called Rautala, he does not only focus it on the man itself but the true lead  of the book is the foe, the gaunt pig with its udder to be cut, to rappresent the Welfare State.

All this disapproval towards the Finnish Government it´s toned down because of the newborn nephew, who´s representing resignation and the intended exit of Rautala, or a second life; from the first meeting with his long-distance African foster child, reminding us that beside the recent cuts to healthcare, education and sport activities which the Government announced in 2013, we are aware about our second choice, second life and our ful pockets, compared to other places of the world.

A gerat book that will make you mad,or very stimulated.

A dive into a nightmare, a dream or a fisheyed purple dram.

Best recommended reading soundtracks:

  • Tiisu – Suomalaisen suurin riesa on sisu
  • Tool – The Pot