07 november 2015


 The largest wintersport and travel fair in Nordic Countries



Photo Credit Andrea Lombardini

One of the most important winter sport fairs takes place in Finland Since 1985. The fair is held at the Convention Center in Helsinki, which at the same time hosts the Boardxpo, Icehockey and Digiexpo.

This year the event attracted ca. 44.000 visitors, who were looking forward to see the new products on the market, both ski equipments and technological developments.
The Skiexpo has been always a fair suitable for everyone, families, kids and for young. There have been many activities available for the guests this year, such as videogames, the Rockstar Rail Jam, a street skateboarding area and a mini-ramp,  skim boarding pool, concerts, fashion shows, restaurants, bars and so on..
Children got the opportunity to try the little snow park Riglet, with little boxes and rainbows. There were many stands promoting the already flourishing winter tourism, mostly in the northern part of Finland, near or north than the Arctic Circle. The ski centre Ruka in Kuusamo delighted visitors with Enni Rukajärvi signing autographs.

Enni took part in many competitions, winning a gold medal in Snowboard SlopeStyle at the 2011 Winter X Games XV in Aspen and the silver one in Slopestyle at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Both snowboarding and ski competitions took place on the weekend at Rockstar Rail on real snow.


Rockstar Rail Jam Skiexpo ’15

The finalist has been awarded by the rap duo JVG. Only two of the artists who have performed at the Basso stage, provided by Basso the national radio station.

Some movies were also shown,  as the Rip Curl “the search – revel” by Nils Arvidsson,TransWorld SNOWboarding’s fifth feature film Origins.,Thirtytwo’2032 and Toni Kerkela Full Pt 2015 : King Cobra by KBR


Photo Credit Andrea Lombardini

As for connecting the two expos, there was even a small photograph exhibition of some of the best new Finnish snowboarder such as Janne Lipsanen. Having a tour at the Boardexpo there was even Heikki Sorsathe Mohawk”.
The Digiexpo has charmed the public with the trial of  Oculus Rift, a virtual reality head-mounted display, witch gives you a sense of real motion. The international professional tournement of Counter Strike, Global Offensive, was held, the award has been split from 10.000 $. The event was organized by The Finnish Association of electronic sports Seul ry. Xbox has been the main partner of DigiExpo, with presentation of new games. Sunday was planned for the families. As the competition and the concerts were held on the previous days, the Sunday expo was tailor-made for families with the concert of Mölyapinat,  a rock band made up of three monkeys and the availability to use a sledge or the new Wuuuf pillow(http://www.wuuuf.fi/etusivu2  only in Finnish), down the Rail Jam . Next to the Rail Jam ski area,  the Factory Boyz was playing,a band composed by talented 13-14 years old guys.skiexpo15


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Suomotunturi : Gem of Kemijärvi city.

The Suomatunturi Ski Resort will open his doors on December the 8th. The legendary ’60 jet-set winter location, it is located in Kemijärvi, Lapland, just North of the Arctic Circle. There are available 10 slopes, 1,700 meters long. The resort icludes so many other activities such as the husky safari, snowmobile safari, reindeer safari and visit to a reindeer farm, Icefishing on a frozen lake and snowshoeing.

For more infos: www.visitkemijarvi.fi

Oculus Rift DK2 -Vir…..Reality.

The new version DK2 of the Oculus, rIMG_97122ealeased on July 2014, has sold in February 2015 already 100.000 unit.

The Oculus Rift it is a head-mounted display for the virtual reality. Its features are a full visual field and a low latency. At the moment it’s sold out.

The Founder, Palmer Freeman Luckey, at age of 18 designed the first prototype in his parents garage.

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