To spend some time with the family during holidays, is the most precious gift I recived.

To make this time memorable we decided to discover all together a place which none of us has ever been before.

Heading approximately two hours north Milan, by car, we reached the breathtaking views and landscapes, the Retiche Alps in the Valtelina Valley.

Before getting to our farm house, we stopped by the city of Sondrio to have lunch.


The city is surrounded by the mountains and rounded by the blue and clear water Adda river.

From the town square you could choose between the two main roads to get to the open air market held that day.

While the tiny street on the left is really particular for its design and typical local shops.

We stopped by restauramt “La locanda dello zio Peppo” to have lunch on the beautiful terrace under the magnificent stately home, we had some really good home made pasta and puppy Leone got an apple too!

We stayed at Ca´La Vedescia farm house for two nights.

As we wanted to spend some time gathering together, we dicided to rent the unique apartment.

The apartment face the amazing mountain covered with a little snow on top and beautiful houses at its feet.

Looking a little bit down on the valley you can see the Adda river with its beautiful colors.

The landscape you can see from the window keeps changing all the time depending on the light of the sun, first green woods, then chocolate hills with some sugar on top, it is amazing.

On the back of the farm there are some mountains we reached easily by car, Prato Valentino, 1890 mt on the sea level, which is a great skiing spot.

We saw magnificent mountains, looking on the other side on the valley, those mountains looked like a paint.


Unfortunatelly, we have been told from our brilliant tour guide, that lately it hasn´t been a good season for skiing, mainly whitout snow.


The problem is that we do not put enough effort to save the horrible times we are about to meet if we keep treating our earth as we are. It seems money and power are deciding whether we can keep seeing this beautiful landscapes again.

To reach Prato Valentino we passed the small beauty town of Teglio, famous for being the place where was invented an incredible dish, the Pizzoccheri, a typical kind of pasta made from buckwheat with savoy cabbage and cheese, a lot of cheese.


If you wish to taste them I warmly wish you to reserve a table at Combolo restaurant, the lady who makes the pizzoccheri is fenomenal and she keeps doing that since 40 years.

The next morning we woke up to this delicious basket , standing on the windowsill, filled with delicacies such local yogurts and juices, bread, milk, and a cake just came out from the oven, made from the incredible owner of the farm Maria Grazia.

You can´t find that kind of breakfast neither in a seven stars hotel, it could really warm us and made start our day with a smile.

We were ready to head to the train station of Tirano to catch the Bernina Train.


This train have something that other trains do not have, it goes up to 2600 m.s.l. on a beautiful route among incredible landscapes, wild woods, lakes, glacier, mountains, shelters, skiing spots and small towns.


There are differences between the trains, you can choose the panoramic coach or the standard one. You can have a tour guide or travel on your own, get off at whatever stop in the middle of nowhere to enjoy the nature, and you can decide your route.

As I mentioned before, we had a great guide which knew everything about the area and history, telling us even some small secrets of the area: “how much do you think costs an apartment in Sankt Moritz?”.

Our last stop was Sankt Moritz, where we spent approximatelly two hours and half.

As it was pretty much low season, there wasn´t much to do, but we were surrounded by beautiful views so we didn´t care that much.

We decided to have a sandwich at Bobby´s pub, and if you are not willing to spend all your salary, that is the best way, keep in mind that Sankt Moritz is really expensive.

The route from Tirano to Sankt Moritz lasts around couple of hours. Leone our small dog puppy was well accepted too, he did really enjoy, sleeping all the time 🙂