Diy Summer Round Skirt

I admit that I never went to a fashion or sewing school. Everything what I have learned is through many tutorials I found on the web.

When I was 8 I used to have thousand of fashion magazines from where I got my inspirations to draw my own clothes. I do not know why I took a totally different road that led me to study tourism, but I always kept my creative side, a little hidden. I alway kept drawing whatever it was an oil paint, a comic or a spoof of my family on a block note.
 During this last three years I got my first sawing machine as present from my boyfriend, who wanted me to keep this way. As I didn’t know nothing about fashion theory, fabrics, pattern, digital fashion and so on, I will tell you now my secret…..How do I draw my paper patterns? simply copying the clothes I already have:
 This is how I managed to saw a round skirt ( from a round skirt that I had already, purchased from American Apparel).
For the Pattern:
1 needle
Round skirt that you already should have.
 1 step: to save your working table from the holes caused by the needle, use a big cardboard underneath.
2 step: take a big piece of paper and place it between the round skirt and the cardboard
3 step: with the needle, follow the seams of the skirt you already got, in this case you will need to follow the seams of only one segment of the roundskirt as you can reproduce it later on.
4 step: on the paper you got underneth you will have now thousend marks of the needle that you can link with a pencil, but keep on mind that you will need to add/draw a cm more than the original draw. Now you have the patterm.
Cut your only segment of Paper Pattern
Fold you fabric into eight or more pages.
Draw the lines of your pattern with a chalk or a pencil
Cut the segments that will compose your skirt
Keep together 2 pieces of fabric at time, lining up the sides you want to show.

Let´s start sewing together every piece of the skirt
Use an Elastic Band, we will use it for the waist of the skirt, depending on your size, cut more or less 63cm that I used for my size 36/42.
Sew Together both the sides of the waist band.
Pin the waist band dividing it in four section, which will be front, left and right side of your skirt, the back will be the sewed side of the band
Pin the elastic band together with the skirt, matching the borders, the front upper border of the skirt and the down/inside border of the waistband.
Sew together the skirt and the waistband together. Once you´ve done, turn the waistband upside down 
If you want to learn how easliy can be to make your own clothes and patterns you should visit #withwendy I discovered her recently and She do really inspires me.
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