12 February 2016


Italy meets the Nordic countries

Did you ever wonder how magical can be travelling to Finland, Norway, Sweden or Denmark? You will have the chance to have an appetizer of your next travel in the Nordic countries at the Be Nordic 2016. The event will be held in the beautiful and most avant-garde city in Italy, Milan. The UniCredit Pavilion of piazza (square)Gae Aulenti will host the event from 18th to 20th March.

The event is arranged by the Nordic four tourism offices (VisitDenmark, Visit Finland, Innovation Norway e VisitSweden)

Be Nordic will be rich of events and workshops, supporting the sustainability. The program is a full immersion into the Scandinavian and Nordic cultures with their gastronomy, music, design and literature. There are even many activities that will be dedicated to kids.

Be Nordic launched a contest for all the Italian instagrammers, who are asked to photograph and show the urban lifestyle of the Nordic countries. The exhibitions theme is Nordic Urban  Lifestyle between nature and contemporaniety.There will be chosen the best 16 photos, which better express the theme, i.e. respect of the nature, the coexistence of modern and culture and sustainable mobility,  and they will be displayed at the event from the 16th March (during the private event for press and media), until 20th March.

There has to be published max 3 photos on everyone’s own account, with the hashtag #BeNordic16. Each  photo must have a description, with a reason for which it has been chosen and what is the relation to the theme.

The panel of judges is made up by the social media managers of VisitDenmark, Visit Finland, VisitNorway and VisitSweden and by the blogger Nunzia Cillo (@nunziacillo, entrophia.it).

The contest closes on February 22nd and the winner will be announced by private message by VisitSweden.

The entire program of Be Nordic 2016 will be soon published on the website www.benordic.it


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