15 october 2015


Apulian delicacies in Finland

Apulia, (Puglia in Italian language), a region located in the south of Italy, arrived in Finland.


Wednesday, 14th October was held a mini fair, followed by a seminar at the old studenthouse of Helsinki, with LEADERMED (a transnational cooperation project between rural areas),coordinated by gal (Local Action Groups) Capo Santa Maria di Leuca, to promote the Mediterranean diet, part of the UNESCO.

The event is taking place until the 16th October, hosted by the Italian Embassy in Helsinki, with 13 Apulian agrifood companies, which are looking for a partnership with Finland.

The partnership is made by 16 Apulian Gals, Alto Salento, Colline Joniche, Conca Barese, Le Città di Castel del Monte, Daunofantino, Terra d’Otranto, Valle d’Itria, Luoghi del Mito, SEB – Sud Est Barese, Serre Salentine, Terra dei Messapi, Meridaunia, Valle della Cupa, Capo S.Maria di Leuca, Terre del Primitivo e Terra d’Arneo.


“the Mediterranean diet” Seminar moderated by Giosuè Olla Atzeni, Director of GAL Capo Santa Maria di Leuca, aimed at journalists, restaurateurs, importers and industry associations.

There will be held tours to local companies, workshops, B2B meetings, in order to come to agreements.

The event held in the old studenthouse started at 12 o´clock with the GAL stands and their goods, such as wines, olive oil and typical Apulian food.

At the entrance was offered an empty wine glass, which was used to taste the wines of the stands. In the tasting were included even olive oil, vegetables and spicy dips, olives, olives paté, taralli (baked wheat flour rings), lampascioni (sort of small onions in oil), and other delights.

In the afternoon started the semeinar, “Mediterranean Diet”, starting from the meaning of the word diet, which refers to the greek etymology “lifestyle”.

The intent is to “educate” potential new countries partners,  and learning from finnish food, by their side too. The seminar was followed with a wine tasting.

Speeches and greetings were held by Giulio Sparascio, Vice president of the GAL Capo S. Maria di Leuca, Cosimo Durante, President of GAL Terra d’Arneo, Giovanni Granatiero, Administrator of Misura 421 Cooperazione – PSR Puglia 2007 – 2013. Following, Carmelo Greco, Director of GAL Alto Salento and Project leader, who presented the content and aims of LEADERMED (focused on three main factors: economical, environmental and social, and Salvatore Negro, Headteacher of the Hotelier Institute in Casarano-Ugento. The closing speech was given by Cosimo Sallustio, Administrator of Asse 3 e 4 del PSR Puglia 2007 – 2013. IMG_95522

Let´s cheer for a good collaboration between the countries. Lots of Italian young people are spreading all over the world, even more nowadays. There are many girls and boys who are currently working in Finland, and it would be a good chance to let both countries know each other better.

Distances should be shortened, connection between the coutries should be improved.

While writing this article: “Nu te fermare” (sung in dialect, don´t stop/give up) by Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino, a folkloristic band from Salento area, in Apulia.

Dedicated to all young italian, who are having hard time in choosing their future, and often they need to decide to stay in their country or leave.

Here is the lyric translation:

You´ve graduated, but there are no jobs
You did the master, but there are no jobs
and you’re left with only your imagination
if you want to buy a house, it’s an agony
if you want a family, it’s insane
but if you stop, there will be melancholy
arise, find a way, keep on going, don’t stop
find a way, take a chance, your voice is strong, make it hear
when you go abroad, the music changes
when you go abroad, it feels like magic
when they respect you for your art
don’t stop,don’t stop
arise, find a way, keep on going, don’t stop
find a way, take a chance, your voice is strong, make it hear
I’d like to go away but I don’t want to
because you have my heart and I knew it
how bittersweet is my land
and now I sing for my life
and now I play for my life
to cure myself from this disease


“I Love Italia” Canzoniere Gracanico Salentino.